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Sarah DeGray

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About Sarah

Sarah is the creatrix of Align Cycling, formerly REV Indoor Cycling, and co-founded the international retreat company Sacred Sweat.

A life-long athlete, Sarah struggled with her relationship to exercise and food. The gym was often a place of intimidation and shame. After years of searching for a non-judgmental exercise facility, Sarah decided to completely change careers and create her own. She has been a student of indoor cycling since 2005 and believes that it is an honor to hold space for people who are choosing to step into their power.

"You don’t have to be anyone other than the person that showed up today. You are enough."

What Motivates Sarah

The Align values are a reflection of my core beliefs in life. I strive to live authentically and encourage others to do the same. I don’t believe in commenting on the body presentation of others and that is why we focus on how you feel; aesthetics are not a core principle or motivating factor. I believe in leading with love and leading from the heart, so you’ll hear that from me a lot. And I believe in inclusive and adaptive fitness spaces where YOU call the shots. It’s not your job to “fit in”, you deserve to show up as you are, and shine and know that you have the support to do so.

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