Align Movement

Prepare to embark on a transformative movement experience that will help you align your body, focus your mind, and elevate your overall well-being.

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Aling Movement Classes cover an array of fitness modalities and are adaptable for every experience level. All experience levels are welcome and encouraged.

Take a look at our class types below.

TOTAL BODY CONDITIONING: Strength and conditioning stations with weights. All levels.

KETTLEBELLS: Strength training with kettlebells as the main modality with conditioning. All levels.

WATER ROWER + CORE: Rowing with alternating core/ab exercises. All levels.


WATER ROWER + STRENGTH: Rowing with alternating upper body, lower body and and core training. All levels.

STRENGTH TRAINING: Strength training circuits that work upper body, lower body and core. All levels.

PI-YO: A blend of Hatha yoga and mat pilates with bands and light weights (slightly heated room). All levels.

MOBILITY FLOW/ DEEP STRETCH: Bodyweight movement inspired by yoga and pilates with myofascial release, stretching and foam rolling (low impact). All levels.

POWER + FLOW: A balanced and invigorating mat class with weights, bands and steps that combines yoga and pilates inspired movement. All levels.

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Align your mind, body and spirit with us!