Align Cycling

The ALIGN CYCLING™ method combines breathwork, compassionate coaching, intentional music and movement to promote healing, growth and alignment of our energetic body.

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We Invite You to Align

ALLOW your physical and mental body to arrive and ground. We invite you to LISTEN to your body’s needs and boundaries as we INTEGRATE what our inner wisdom communicates in order to drop-in and engage fully with a total-body sensory experience. GENERATE power and energy through the class and re-generate as needed with recovery. NOURISH the physical, mental and energetic body with a heart-centered cool down.

Explore Our Indoor Cycling Classes

We have a variety of cycling classes to inspire and challenge you. We invite you to explore your musical tastes and follow your intuition!

This class includes series of intervals and plenty of songs featuring the usage of hand weights and or presses on the bike.

Disrupt the wellness industry with compassion.

We unapologetically lead with love and do not believe that pain and punishment belong in spaces of healing and wellness.

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Join the Community

When you take class at ALIGN, you become part of a larger community of people that are supportive of your wellness journey. You’ll have the opportunity to make meaningful connections with our instructors and other community members.

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Stay and Relax

Enjoy a complimentary cup of coffee before or after class, free wifi, or freshen up with a shower.

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Have Fun

We take pride in making sure your fitness experience is enjoyable by placing the focus on music and mindfulness and not metrics. We believe in compassion and collaboration, not competition.

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Align your mind, body and spirit with us!

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